Did you know? Process Engineering at LN

An interview with Frank Lang, Product Manager for the new Process Engineering segment

Mr Lang, please explain how the new Process and Chemical Engineering product area enriches the portfolio of Lucas-Nülle GmbH.

“It is the logical development of Lucas-Nülle’s existing product range. The newly developed ‘process training systems’ close a significant gap in our product portfolio, allowing us to respond to individual customer wishes even more intensively.”


What are the main areas covered by the training systems?

“Process and Chemical Engineering is a very broad area of study. Budding engineers come into contact with almost every technical field. As the name ‘process training system’ suggests, our training systems primarily reflect process engineering. Such ‘process training systems’ on the subjects of distillation, extraction and chemical reaction engineering are an integral part of any process engineering training and simply have to be offered by every training centre. The ‘process training systems’ on the subject areas of gas processes round off the product portfolio.”


What design priorities did Lucas-Nülle set with regard to training?

“Practical relevance – which has always been Lucas-Nülle’s focus and priority. The training systems deliver this brand promise without neglecting the training requirements. Making complicated processes in the process industry comprehensible was one of the major challenges during the development phase. Despite all the complexity, we implemented the ‘Blended Learning’ approaches. At the same time, we had to take account of the fact that often only a few hours are available for working with the process engineering training systems.”


How would you sum up the overall concept behind it?

“The complex process engineering training systems are conceived as a complete solution. Lucas-Nülle GmbH supplies turnkey systems that allow customers to start training straight away. In addition to the hardware, there is also a fully programmed, industrially tested process management system.”


The Daniel Bernoulli Training Room

In the newly created Daniel Bernoulli Training Room, Lucas-Nülle GmbH demonstrates its process and chemical engineering training facilities and systems, with a focus on control technology in the process industry. It clearly shows Lucas-Nülle’s integrated approach with its process engineering training systems.

Besides the process engineering system as such, it also features theoperator stations which are an integral part of the overall system.


Frank Lang 

Product Manager for Process and Chemical Engineering as well as HVAC

- 04.12.2018