Item No.: CO4204-6L

Course: DC/AC Conversion in Vehicles

This UniTrain course provides easy-to-understand material on the benefits and function of DC/AC conversion in the automotive area. Thanks to target-group oriented theory and practical experiments, the trainee becomes familiar with the technical processes and components required to make DC/AC conversion possible. 


Training contents:

  • Electrical induction
  • Lorentz force
  • “Right hand rule”
  • Relationship between current and voltage
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • PWM and voltage
  • PWM and current
  • Generating upper half-wave
  • Generating AC voltage
  • Rotating electrical field
  • Course duration 3h


  • 1 Experiment card (potentiometer and incandescent lamp, PWM generator, DC-AC converters)
  • Storage case
  • LabSoft browser course software and virtual instruments