Item No.: CO4204-6X

Course: Common rail diesel injection system

This training system is used for the teaching of modern common rail injection systems. Trainees can use the system to learn about typical injection pressures, procedures and quantities at their own pace. In order to cover all the wide range of systems available in the market, it is possible to switch between a variety of injector types. That means the system can encompass the full scope of the subject.

Training contents

  • Requirements for diesel injection systems
  • Various designs of diesel injection systems
  • Design and function of a common rail system
  • Troubleshooting for a common rail system
  • Injection response: electromagnetic and piezo-injectors.
  • Low- and high-pressure circuits
  • Procedure for electrical testing of injectors
  • Familiarisation with hydraulic components of common rail systems
  • Course duration 10 h approx.