Item No.: CO4204-6G

Course: Comfort systems and keyless entry


  • 1 experiment card (keyless-entry control unit with LF and HF aerials, touch pad),
  • keyless entry remote (key fob) (LF-3D aerial, HF aerial, on/off button, status LEDs)
  • Storage case
  • Labsoft browser, course software and additional virtual instruments – “DIAGNOSTICS”, “CAR MONITOR”, CAN bus

Training contents:

  • Comfort systems and safety
  • Comfort systems in vehicles
  • Central locking, electrical
  • Central locking, electro-pneumatic
  • Operation of central locking system, mechanical, infra-red, radio and self-triggering
  • Familiarisation with various types of car key
  • Keyless entry to vehicles
  • Keyless locking
  • Keyless entry system
  • Non-contact opening of central locking
  • Familiarisation with and configuration of comfort systems in vehicles
  • Communication processes between vehicle and keyless entry remote (fob)
  • Low-frequency RFID (communication between vehicle and key remote)
  • High-frequency radio (communication between key remote and vehicle)
  • HF and LF aerials
  • Measurement of signal strength from aerials
  • CAN network structure
  • Fitting keyless systems to existing vehicles