Item No.: LM9606

Double conveyor belt segment, 24 V motor

Basic mechatronics module driven by a variable speed 24-V geared motor and complete with end-limit sensors and integrated PROFIBUS DP slave. Designed for basic experiments on a conveyor system or for incorporation into a complex mechatronics system for controlling the flow of materials. The conveyor belt conveys work pieces on carriers and can be used to link individual sub-systems. It is designed for connection to a PLC control system. It can be combined with other conveyor belts, ‘curve’ units or transfer junctions. IMS stations can be connected directly to the belt and jointly controlled via PROFIBUS.

  • Length = 600 mm/23,6", width = 160 mm/6,3",
  • belt width = 120 mm/4,7"
  • Geared motor, 24 V DC
  • Pulse width modulation system for controlling belt at various speeds
  • Continuous speed adjustment via potentiometer or analogue input, 0-10 V
  • Manual switches for movement to left or right
  • 2 inductive end-limit sensors
  • 2 x M12 interfaces for additional actuators/sensors
  • Sockets for emergency shut-off circuit (disconnection of all voltage to output modules)
  • External power supply via 4-mm safety sockets or co-axial power connector
  • 9-pin SUB-D connector for contactors, LOGO! or PLC
  • Incremental encoder disc for detecting position and speed via optical sensors
  • Visualisation as interactive 3D model in IMS-virtual database
  • Control requirements: 4 x digital inputs, 3 x digital outputs

PROFIBUS DP slave module:

  • Address range: 16 digital input/outputs
  • PROFIBUS DP connector: 9-pin DSUB socket
  • Rotary switch for setting address
  • Transmission rates of up to 6 Mbits/s
  • GSD file for use with control software (e.g.: STEP7)
  • 25-pin DSUB socket for connecting IMS station
  • Output current: 500 mA (total current: 1 A)
  • Variable speed control of conveyor belt via PROFIBUS