Item No.: CO4204-4N

Course - Installation engineering 2: Control systems/protective circuitry


  •  Experiment board for contactor controls with the following features:
  • 4 Primary contactors
  • 3 Motor protection switches
  • 2 Auxiliary contactors
  • 1 Universal time-delay relay
  • 1 Current surge relay
  • 6 Indicator lights
  • 3 Limit switches
  • 1 Emergency shut-down switch
  • 3 Buttons
  • 1 Manual-automatic switch
  • 25 Project overlay masks
  • Set of measuring leads and jumpers
  • LabSoft browser and course software

Training contents

  • Familiarisation with control components
  • Planning control projects
  • Testing functionality with circuit simulators
  • Function testing and troubleshooting in control projects
  • Project contents:

Two-handed operation of a cutting machine (AND circuit)
Turning on a ventilator from various locations (OR circuit)
Self-latching pump control (dominant off)
Self-latching pump control (dominant on)
Pump control with contactor interlock
Pump control with inching circuit
Pump control with self-latching or inching circuit
Pump control with sequence control circuit
Drill control with external fan (sequence control circuit)
Direction control for a drill (simple reversing contactor circuit)
Sliding door control with button interlock
Crane control with direct change of direction
Crane control with delayed change of direction
Time-dependent conveyor-belt control
Time-dependent fan control
Manually controlled star-delta circuit
Automatically controlled star-delta circuit with no load
Automatically controlled star-delta circuit with load
Automatic star-delta reversing contactor circuit
Simple roller shutter control with safety bar
Enhanced roller shutter control with remote monitoring
Time-dependent speed control for Dahlander motors
Speed control for Dahlander motors
Immersion bath control
Pump control with current surge relays

  • Course duration: 25 h approx.