Item No.: CO4204-4P

Course - Installation engineering 3: LED lighting and colour detection


  • LED lighting experiment card with the following features:
  • 4 different types of LED, including white and multi-coloured
  • 1 Universal brightness sensor
  • 3 LEDs, RGB, adjustable via potentiometers
  • 1 Programmable high-power LED, RGB LED
  • 1 Scanner for detecting colours
  • Plexiglass cover with reflective surfaces
  • Colour chart
  • Storage case
  • Labsoft browser and course software

Training contents

  • Familiarisation with different types of LED
  • Brightness control for various LEDs using pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Recording of characteristics and measurement of brightness
  • Additive mixing of colours and setting of colour temperature
  • Colour detection and reproduction
  • Course duration: 10 hrs approx.