IPT 41 Continuous Stirred Reactor

IPT 41 Continuous Stirred Reactor

Continuously stirred reactors are basic reactor vessels which are as close as it gets to ideal stirred reactors. The process trainer IPT 41 Continuously stirred reactor teaches the fundamentals of reaction techniques. Use of high-quality, industrial borosilicate glass 3.3 makes for a vivid visual experience. The interactive e-learning course also helps trainees to understand the theory.

Because the feed entering the reactor is mixed directly in the reactor itself, there is no development of gradients within the reaction vessel. The composition of the reaction products coincides with that of the reaction mass.

Continuously stirred reactors are versatile in application and can be used for a wide variety of disciplines for basic or advanced training.

Users also benefit from a fully pre-programmed process control system, such as those widely used in the process industry. It is possible to connect multiple trainers with a single process control system. Lucas-Nülle will find a custom solution to your process engineering laboratory needs. Simply make contact with us about it.


Education objectives:

  • First principles of continuously stirred Reactor
  • Influence on conversion rate of:
    • Stirrer speed frequency
    • Temperature
    • Concentration
    • Throughput
  • Determination of reaction parameter
  • Comparison of real reactors with ideal model