IPT 52 Absorption

IPT 52 Absorption

In the process industry, no primary process can function alone without other auxiliary processes. One of the most important examples of the industry is the gas scrubbing, in which unwanted substances (such as CO2 or H2S) are scrubbed from flows of gas. The process trainer IPT52 Absorption clearly demonstrates the fundamentals of the overall absorptions process.

The focus is not solely on absorption, but also the opposite process of desorption, by means of which the solvent (such as sour water) can be re-purified.

The use of high-quality, industrial borosilicate glass 3.3, such as that actually used in the process industry, clarifies the process and cements understanding of how the process works. The effectiveness of this learning is enhanced by the interactive e-learning course.


Education objectives:

  • First principles of combined Gas absorption / Gas desorption
  • Influence of the ab-/desorption rate from:
    • Product flow rate
    • Temperature 
    • Fluid dynamics of packed column 
    • Heat recovery