IPT 11 Rectification (Continuous Distillation)

IPT 11 Rectification (Continuous Distillation)

Multi-stage distillation by means of rectification is at the heart of many overall processes used in chemical and petrochemical facilities. Comprehensive understanding of such rectification is fundamental to optimize the operation of such a process unit.

Whether for plant operators, chemical technician, chemical engineers or process engineers, the process trainer IPT 11 Rectification provides the ideal prerequisites for learning the rectification process from its foundations.

The intelligent system design allows it to be constructed in a compact form. This benefits the teaching process since startup, practice and shutdown of the system is possible in the space of a day, thus enabling one-day practical sessions.

The use of high-quality, industrial borosilicate glass 3.3 makes it possible to see and follow the entire process. The interactive e-learning course also helps trainees gain a deeper understanding of what they have learned.

The process trainer IPT 11 Rectification is supplied with a complete, fully programmed industrial process control system. It is possible to connect multiple training systems with a single process control system. Lucas-Nülle will find a custom solution to your process engineering laboratory needs. Simply make contact with us about it.


Education objectives:

  • First principles of continuous rectification
  • Application McCabe-Thiele diagram
  • Comparison practical to theoretical separation stage
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Alarm management
  • Operation of a distillation column
    • starting up a unit
    • shutting down a unit
    • set control parameters
    • set alarm ranges
  • Influence of efficiency of:
    • throughput
    • reflux ratio
    • preheating rate